Reinventing the banking customer experience beyond transactional services

Banks’ undisputed supremacy in financial services is put at risk by the ongoing mutation of the banking ecosystem. Financial institutions seem to be gradually placed in the role of ’commodities‘. A profound transformation of the regulatory and competitive landscape is sketching out the early stages of a Platform-as-a-Service era, forcing the whole industry to reinvent its business beyond basic transactional services.

Our Digital Banking Platform empowers banks to accelerate their digital transformation and transform their customers’ experience across all channels (mobile, web, conversational). It acts as a flexible and modular service layer, enabling financial institutions to quickly and cost-efficiently overcome the limitations and constraints associated with their legacy system.

How can our Digital Banking Platform support you?

Off-the-shelf products: Fill the gaps in your digital transformation quickly and cost-effectively with ready-to-go solutions

Business accelerators: Accelerate your digital strategy with a wide set of services provided by Worldline and partners

Tailor-made: Translate your specific business needs into efficient, end-to-end solutions thanks to our industry knowledge and UX/UI expertise



  • Daily Banking: Accounts and operations, mobile wallets, alerting and push notifications, products online subscription, etc
  • Financial coaching: Travel assistant, saving challenges, projects, etc.
  • Transfers and payments: SEPA, P2P, Instant Payments, etc.
  • Customer service: Secure messaging, document management, etc.
  • Security and fraud: Strong Customer Authentication, biometrics, authentication process management, e-Identity, etc.
  • PSD2 and Open Banking: FinTechs integration, consent, API monetization suite, etc.

Value for our clients

  • Build out channel capabilities in a stepwise approach
  • Deliver compelling customer experiences tailored to your audience and bank
  • Explore new platform (business) models while guaranteeing security
  • Reduce digital innovation uncertainties and costs

Our Digital Banking Platform services

WL Trusted Interactions

Engage your clients in a close relationship with digital messaging and sharing 

WL Digital Preservation (e-archiving / e-safe)

Customizable solutions that protect your electronic documents with absolute trust. 

WL Payment Modulator

Empower your customers to improve fraud prevention and reduce call center costs  

WL Digitization (e-contract)

Achieve a quick return on investment due to the multiplication of sales opportunities and a drastic cost reduction. 

WL Trusted Authentication

An easy way to implement this strong customer authentication on smart phones or computers 

WL Contact

A state-of-the-art solution to efficiently manage your relationship with your customers and develop your customer loyalty. 
Since 40 years, equensWorldline’s solutions for Digital Banking are empowering banks to accelerate their digital transformation and optimize banking customers’ experience. 
In this short video, discover how our Digital Banking solutions are supporting Lauren, William and James in their in their everyday lives and projects – just like millions of other people across Europe.

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