Positions at Worldline

Worldline offers to develop your knowledge and expertise in various branches of activity.

Come and discover job opportunities at Worldline (this is a non-exhaustive list):

  • Project development engineer
  • Applications manager engineer
  • R&D engineer
  • Team leader
  • Software architect
  • Systems engineer
  • Network engineer
  • System administrator
  • Operations manager
  • Production engineer
  • Customer services representative
  • Business engineer
  • Sales manager
  • Pre-sales engineer
  • Product manager
  • Department manager
  • Database administrator
  • IT support technician


Our enterprise culture

The people that work at Worldline share the values that drive our business forward: innovation, customer satisfaction, high quality, nurturing of talent and environmental awareness. These values are applied day in day out, and they are values that change the way we behave. We ask questions, we make things simple, and we like to learn something new every day. Brimming with energy and motivation, we are never shy about rolling up our sleeves and getting on with a job - we are not afraid of a good challenge. Our principles? An enterprising spirit, and a feel for great customer service. 


Innovation lies at the heart of our DNA. It is how we boost our competitivity, and most importantly it is how we deliver cutting edge solutions to our customers: a vital thing in the current climate.  

Customer satisfaction

We stand proudly by the high quality of our products. We aim to enhance customer satisfaction and to generate customer loyalty. 


Impeccable quality of production, creation and delivery: our solutions simply have to be perfect for both us and for our customers. 

Nurturing talent

Innovation, customer satisfaction, creating high-quality solutions: none of this would be possible were it not for the people that work with us. We want to see these people grow throughout the course of their career at Worldline. 

Environmental awareness

Our goal is to look after the environment, and this is a reflection of our collective awareness of environmental issues. We want to translate this into more than just good intentions: this awareness is reflected in our CSR strategy, our adherence to environmental criteria, and our drive to create a better world.