Increase your visitor flow rate with geo-targeting now

Do you want to reach new customers? Or attract existing customers back to your store? Geo-targeting gives you detailed insights into the customer groups that are moving around your store and helps you understand who your customers are, their interests and potential. Based on this, you can target new customers with mobile advertising.


What is geo-targeting?

Whether it is a mobile phone, smartwatch or tablet, nearly everyone has a mobile device these days. As a merchant, this gives you the opportunity to reach your customers on a location-specific basis. One of the tools available to you in this respect is geo-targeting: Using the anonymous GPS identifier, the pedestrians in the relevant location are shown advertising content related specifically to your business in the relevant mobile media in a more precise manner than any other medium.


How exactly does geo-targeting work in your business?


  • With the help of a sensor, you gain insights into the flow of customers throughout your store.
  • The sensor is a small tracking device for measuring potential and recurring customers. The sensor's proprietary technology was developed with the highest level of data security in mind (all signals are directly anonymised and encrypted on the device).
  • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth and GPS are used to visualise the pedestrian flows.
  • This gives you valuable real-time information about potential customers to gain unique insights into footfall and give you an understanding of what drives your sales.




How does it work?


  1. We provide you with a sensor, which you set up at the POS
  2. You will receive your personal login data from us for the geo-targeting Heartbeat platform, the online portal for geo-targeting
  3. The online portal shows visitor flows and business opportunities
  4. We use mobile advertising to run GPS-based advertising related to your business for you
  5. You can view your advertising results at any time on the dashboard


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What are the benefits of using geo-targeting for merchants?


Whether you run a bakery, butcher’s shop, chemist’s shop, flower shop or bicycle shop, you can reach your potential customers at their current location with locally relevant adverts or service offerings.

Understand what factors affect your business

Keep an eye on the impact of various factors on your visitor data. For example, you can estimate sales on sunny or rainy days based on the weather. Other possible factors are holidays or events.


Find out what drives your business

Analyse the effectiveness of your marketing and advertising by keeping an eye on your customers and transaction data and optimise it to make more money.



No sales team needed

You do not need a sales team. Geo-targeting provides insights into the behaviour of visitors and consumers as you reach new customers with one-click mobile advertising. As a result, you do not buy invisible ad impressions and you only pay for ads that are seen by users.

Reduction of scatter losses

Is your average customer a 27-year-old man? We deliver your ads to users who are most relevant to you. Whether Android or iPhone, we make sure that your campaigns are only seen by users who can use your product.




Reaching new customer groups

Make sure that potential customers (e.g. expats or tourists) are aware of your products and services.

Tourists want to have a good time so make sure that they know about your product or service.

Moving to a foreign country as an expat brings with it various changes: whether it is a new insurance policy, a new mobile contract or simply a new gym membership.

Customer retention & retargeting

Make your message more persuasive by contacting interested users multiple times.






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