Intended for all economic sectors, companies and administrations, MediaCert is part of Worldline’s global Customer Relationship Management offering.

MediaCert provides a twofold opportunity:

  • Controlling and reducing the operating costs of business processes;
  • MediaCert is part of Worldline’s global Customer Relationship Management offering.


As an experienced service provider, Worldline assists you and guides you through all the steps of your project so you benefit from the best possible service.

"Médiacert OTU" certification authority


The Mediacert OTU authority makes it possible to generate digital certificates for signing PDF documents electronically.

These electronic signatures can be used to sign paperless contracts.

These certificates must be used in accordance with the Médiacert OTU certification policy.



You can download the various certificates of the trust chain individually:

PDF documents require a program such as Acrobat Reader. Click here to download the latest version.

You can also request that a paper-based version of the current version of the CP be sent to you. To do so, send a request by mail to the Mediacert Committee at the following address:

Comité "Médiacert OTU"


19, rue de la Vallée Maillard

B.P. 1311

41013 Blois Cedex



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