Commercial Acquiring

merchant payment services

As a leading payment acquirer and a recognized leading payment institution in Europe, Worldline delivers one-stop commercial acquiring services and turnkey payment solutions.



The merchant benefits from simplified and secure non-cash payment transactions:


  • 1 contract covering multiple payment methods across multiple platforms
  • A guaranteed, no-risk financial flow
  • Consolidated reporting of non-cash transactions and fraud detection
  • Multi-language expert customer service
  • A wide range of payment solutions for Point-of-Sale, online and mobile payments
  • Value-added services creating new customer experiences around payments, such as customer surveys, terminal advertising and loyalty



cash transaction



Key facts:

  • e-commerce leader in Europe

  • 3rd independant acquirer in Europe

  • 1.5 B + transactions per year


Contact us:

International and Large Corporates

For France and Benelux region:

Christophe Marischal

Small and medium enterprises

Please use the “contact us” button below to submit your enquiry to our merchant services department. They will contact you swiftly.  


Merchant Services & Terminals



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