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Worldline provides customer-centric transaction services for the Retail Banking market across all online channels and provides processing for innovative services that move beyond traditional card payment by using bank transfers authorized from within online banking applications to pay for e-commerce purchases.




Our offering includes:

  • eSafe for banks to allow them to capture and store contracts
  • Secure messaging for interaction between customers and their bank branch
  • eContracts (digitalisation & paperless solutions) to apply credit online or at the point of sale using electronic signature and strong authentication
  • E-Brokerage (trading) and financial market data solutions, allowing brokers, ebrokers and banks to manage multi-asset orders
  • Customer-centric banking anywhere, anytime, for consulting balances, transferring funds, consulting stock prices and purchasing securities
  • Omni-channels push or pull

It also includes Web build to run and Web hosting for Banks.



Wallet platform


The Worldline Wallet platform is a complete end-to-end payment solution that allows users to make online payments or contactless payments using their smartphone. For banks and financial institutions, it provides for the ad hoc integration of mobile cloud payments into an existing payment infrastructure and is, in-line with standard security and compliance requirements. For users, it provides total shopping convenience by supporting e/m-commerce, in-store payment, P2P, B2C, bill payments, extensible to other payment means beyond cards (SDD, SCT).


Worldline provides three major kinds of Wallets:


  • Face-to-face payment wallets, which use near-field communication (NFC), Bluetooth, or other technology to transmit authorization information from the user’s mobile device to the POS electronic payment terminal
  • Cloud based wallets, which store a user’s card data on servers “in the cloud” and allow a customer to pay for services on the internet or with a mobile device
  • Online Banking Enabled Payments (OBEP) which are based on debit or transfer from bank accounts, and are used for e-Commerce and m-Commerce. This type of wallet offering is common for e-SEPA offerings


  • Ideal for banks, MNOs, on-line merchants and stores
  • Convenient, quick, and with a very high level of privacy
  • Limits digital fraud
  • Wide range of offerings covering many use-case

SEPA and Non-card payments


In the era of borderless European payment, Worldline helps businesses and banks to build their strategies for tomorrow’s applications. Furthermore, Worldline makes it easier to migrate and implement our SEPA with SEPA Corporate Suite. The SEPA Corporate Suite includes functionality such as mandate management, collection and dematerialization of paper-based mandates, format converter, banking communication, alerts and notification. In order to optimize operational performance, Worldline also provides several solutions for signing mandates electronically. Those services are also available in white-label solutions for banks.


With e-SEPA, consumers can pay for their orders online through a direct debit or a transfer (Online Banking enabled Payments). Worldline is involved in MyBank and provides Routing Services enabling merchants to redirect customers to their banks and Validation services on the customer’s bank’s side to provide authentication. Worldline also actively takes part in the SEPAmail French initiative.

Stored Value Account services

Worldline provides Stored Value Account services to manage prepaid online remote accounts.


Key facts:

  • 26 million mandates

  • 250 million SEPA Direct Debits

  • 140 million iDEAL transactions

  • MyBank Certification

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