Issuing Processing and Value Added Services

bring innovative services to customers

Worldline is a leading player supporting card issuers in their daily or strategic business. Strongly experienced, our payment business know-how is backed up by an industrial infrastructure that matches the highest level expectations of our clients.

You can rely on an end to end payment solution that complies with the most demanding international requirements and covers 3 domains: Technical Processing, Cardholder Service, and our optional Value Added Services which allow us to optimally respond adaptation to customer needs.



Technical processing

Includes financial and technical authorization, account management, card management, card personalization, and PIN management with the benefit of economy of scale.


Card holder service

Supports the issuer in the management of the contract lifecycle as an integrated and/or stand-alone service.


Value-Added Services


Our VAS portfolio helps the issuer’s customers to stand out in the market.


  • Through our Wallet platforms, you will be able to offer electronic wallets to your clients through the cloud or NFC, or even more innovative solutions such as HCE, Host Card Emulation.
  • Trusted Authentication (TA) solution meets today’s and tomorrow’s identity proof generation needs. It is a software-type strong authentication solution. Corner stone of connected secure services, for banks and many types of organizations, it is available on mobile, PC or tablets.
  • ACS (Access Control Server) with its strong authentication method (generating one-time-passwords) is a key VAS in e-Commerce and mobile Payment and has become the leading European solution.
  • Our FRM (Fraud Risk Management) service has a proven track record in fraud prevention and fraud detection.
  • Cash Club is Worldline’s Card-Linked Offers solution that enables you to set up and manage a bank-owned marketplace and all the related marketing services. Its strength comes from intelligent data mining which allows it to perfectly combine customer, offer, time and place. Cash Club entities can be managed either directly by a bank or handled by a joint venture, which will only use Worldline as a supplier. Alternatively, they can be handled by a joint venture between several banks, in which Worldline can also be a shareholder. Cash Club always complies with your privacy and data protection requirements.

Key fact:

We service more than 200 customers, including all the major banks in Belgium, nearly all those in Germany and France, as well as the top banks in China and other APAC countries. 51 million cards are processed in our Data Centers.


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