Acquiring Processing and Value Added Services

the strength of a leader
As an acquirer, you can choose the services you want to outsource in a cost-efficient way. Our acquiring processing services cover the complete acquiring processing value chain.




Supporting a wide range of payment devices and protocols, which can be easily extended to new ones, Worldline Acquiring Processing Services are prepared to support your merchant business development:


  • Multi-channel (face2face, remote)
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-mode (online, offline)
  • Multi-scheme – many international and local card schemes with the flexibility to bring in additional ones
  • And to focus on developing your new business, you can rely on our strong “acquirer branded” on-line support for merchants
Acquirer Authorization Processing
Fraud Risk Management for Acquirers
Acquirer Transaction Processing
Acquirer Clearing & Settlement
Merchant Account Management
Acquirer Dispute Management
Value Added Services
Merchant Contract Management



Worldline is more than a payment services provider. Worldline is your industrial partner with operational excellence and the long-term capacity to adapt to market evolutions, helping you, the acquirers, control the costs of compliance and profiting from economies of scale.


Value added services are important for large retailers operating in various European countries.


These services offer a centralized online access to electronic transactions by using a variety of self-service-tools and fraud prevention solutions.


Highly skilled staff to

  • implement and maintain local and international protocols and security requirements


Fully owned Acquiring services

  • own software assets implemented in own processing centers and at the acquirers’


Your business benefits

  • Increased merchant attractiveness
  • Reinforced merchant satisfaction
  • Increased volumes of transactions
  • Personalized services
  • Cost-adapted to your business

Key fact:

More than 200 customers have been trusting us for 40 years, including all the major banks in Belgium, nearly all those in Germany and France, as well as the top banks in China and other APAC countries and representing some 2.2 bn acquiring transactions



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