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Worldline's expertise spans every aspect of the Telecoms industry. In a sector that is becoming more concentrated, particularly driven by the development of Web and mobile Internet applications and the growing dynamics of social networks, the established players must seize the opportunities offered by network convergence to standardized communications and the new technologies.


Developing convergent systems and encouraging the sharing, enrichment, and storing of users' content is a key element for future development. Similarly, ensuring that an application on mature screens (PC, mobile, TV) can be carried over to all future screens, while also guaranteeing that service will continue simply and consistently, is essential for growing new opportunities.


Worldline has over 30 years of experience working with Telecom operators and helping them to achieve their strategic goals. Worldline develops and operates end to end services, such as Consumer Cloud Services, Customer Contact Services, build and hosting of unified and convergent messaging services, and mobile Application Services.


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The media market is moving rapidly towards digital, particularly marked by the development of various new digital applications. The new landscape is a mix of print, (IP)TV, events, online and mobile—and is constantly changing its balance, all driven by changing consumer behaviors and expectations.


For more than 25 years, Worldline has worked with its media clients in the area of interactive broadcasting. Our role is to propose and develop industry solutions for our clients that are innovative and respond to changing viewers behaviors. One offering that reflects this goal is our Smart TV services that enable clients to keep pace with all the latest interactive services.


Worldline develops and operates end to end services for Media companies, such as Interactive broadcasting services (IPTV and HBBTV)) multichannel voting, Big Data, payment solutions, Web hosting and Customer Contact Services.


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