Ensuring the wellbeing of our people

 The Wellbeing@Worldline initiative was launched to improve our employees’ working environment and the company’s social impact. The global Wellbeing@Worldline programme develops and implements many initiatives each year to encourage an open dialogue with employees and leverages their active participation to help create a great place to work.



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Wellbeing@Worldline has been developing initiatives and activities to encourage new ways of working, intensively using new technologies while matching the social expectations of employees.

The Wellbeing@Worldline initiative underpins our on-going transformation to become a more integrated and global company and to be recognized as one of the best companies to work for. It creates greater trust and transparency, engenders a strong feeling of pride in people’s jobs and builds an environment where people really enjoy working with each other to achieve the best results - a true Firm of the Future!

Since the launch of the programme, many initiatives have been developed and implemented covering the future workplace, enabling new levels of collaboration and a flexible way of working, implementing efficiency through lean management processes and supporting tools, addressing change management and leadership skills, as well as covering training, talent management, recognition and reward.

The Wellbeing@Worldline programme has achieved many successes since its launch in 2011. Over the last three years, a dedicated team of experts and leaders involved in the Wellbeing@Worldline council and global communities have together developed a wide range of initiatives.




WellBeing@Worldline Council members are active think tanks feeding the programme with innovative ideas and project proposals to strengthen our corporate commitment and positioning in the market.



Our WellBeing@Worldline council is tasked with imagining new working methods, identifying the professional networks and relationships of the future, and anticipating what our customers will expect from our employees in the future.

Through promoting the WellBeing@Worldline programme, Worldline’s ambition is to attract the best talents, encourage personal development, increase managerial commitment and motivate staff. It demonstrates that our employees remain our first priority and are the key to our success.

To take this approach even further, since 2010, Worldline has been committed to surveying its employees though the annual Great Place To Work Survey.

This independent global survey, managed by the Great Place to Work Institute®, helps Worldline to determine the expectations from employees and the focus areas for improvement. The survey is structured around fives dimensions: Credibility, Respect, Fairness, Pride and Camaraderie.

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