Contact information for cardholders

Your bank


The issuer of your card is responsible for:

  • the request of a card
  • all modifications of data (address, personal data, ...)
  • modification of the PIN code
  • replacement of the card
  • modification of the bank account number
  • information concerning additional insurances
  • modification of the spending limit



You can contact our customer service for:

  • information concerning the expenditure statement of your credit card
  • a copy of the expenditure statement of your credit card. Use the following form in Dutch or French
  • possible contestation of transactions on the expenditure statement of your credit card. For this purpose, use the contestation forms in Dutch or French.
  • On the websites and you find more contact information in Dutch and in French

Phone: 02 205 85 85
Fax: 02 205 85 88
Monday to friday: 8:30-18:00 - Saturday: 9:00-17:00

Card Stop


Use Card Stop to block a stolen or lost card.

Phone: 070 344 344 (+32 70 344 344  from outside Belgium)
7/7 - 24/24




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